(’s not like i’m on a cardcaptor sakura rewatch or anything noooope)

sakura and her invincible spell (: 

put your guns up. 

my main girl, tifa. done with brush pen and colored in the flats in photoshop! TY to my friend Justin (check out his work! it’s awesome!!) for the mint-green color suggestion. 

art blog is more reflective of me than my portfolio site ): 

this is not good lol…

drawing of faye and a merlion statue for the see you space cowboy zine! a bit late though, oops. 


(as a supplement to OMOCAT’s post)

HI Y’ALL I’m part of a Comic Club at my university (WashU) and we’re bringing the one and the only OMOCAT to WashU as our guest speaker on MONDAY MARCH 24th at 6:30PM at Ursa’s Fireside (which is right across from 6614 Shepley Drive St. Louis, MO)! 


If you don’t know who she is (though I have a feeling many/all of you know who she is), then go look at her work right now. Seriously. 

For more event details, go to our website!

Or check the facebook event page!

She’ll be selling some prints and apparel (cash and credit card accepted!) and there will be COOKIES! It will be at Ursa’s Fireside, which is right across from 6614 Shepley Drive, St. Louis, MO. You can’t park on campus without a permit but you can find parking at residential areas on the curbside! I recommend that you carpool though (: If you want to park on campus, you’ll have to buy a parking permit for the day at the campus bookstore (feel free to message me if you have questions about that!) 

See you there!! 


for anyone who lives around st. louis and would like to watch me flail around on stage this is for you

the date is the 24th, not the 28th

i’ll also be selling a very limited amount of posters and apparel!

for those who don’t attend WASHU, ursa’s fireside is right across from 6614 shepley drive, st. louis, MO!

see you there!

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! come to the event everyone! :D there will be COOKIES! 

did a linocut diptych of sauron and cyclops. really interesting medium, though i got a speedy cut instead of an actual woodbock, so making straight ish lines was ….really hard. fun project though!


Anonymous asked:

I saw your biker sailors and wept with joy, so thank you ^u^


aw thank you!! <3 

oh hay, some design stuff for class. 

designed a campaign focused on promoting gender equity in videogames; made a mockup app that lets your rate the games on everything — gameplay, plot, violence, and dundundun, sexism. primarily marketed towards parents. 

the whole thing was pretty fun, actually. in a million years if i can get past the barrier of gamer trolls and ridonk financial costs, i’d ask ESRB to halp make this real. but for now, it’s purely hypothetical. 

if a drawing of existing media is good, it’s “illustration”

if it’s bad, it’s “fanart.” 

even though technically it’s all “fanart” and even though all illustration is explicated from some kind of text? lol. 

we fight for love, justice, and for greasers (or biker gangs)!

a piece done in excitement for the Sailor Moon reboot, and also because I just wanted to draw them in cool jackets. 

Also available in Society6 as a print and as a totebag!

root of my drawings = manga/anime + shipping + action girls

(therefore fanart)

hasn’t changed woop