Inktober day 6: yuffie. Didn’t have the energy to pick an unfamiliar character :P this one came out weird…I think I was sitting too low at my desk.
I also realize the last 4 drawings were final fantasy chicks. Lol.

Inktober day 5: Terra Branford from final fantasy 6. Haven’t played the game (shamefully) but she’s a baller in Dissidia!
I pulled out some color ink pens that I had to do this one. It was fun!

#inktober day 04: talim from #soulcalibur ! Felt good to wind down with some drawing after a struggz day. Talim’s my favorite from soul calibur 2!

warmup from the other day of a redesign for tifa bb. maybe her athleticness will inspire me today for this volleyball tournament, ha ha…

Inktober day 03: yuna from final fantasy 10. Making a singular pose that embodies the beauty of that sequence is hard!

*exhales* I FINALLY got around to working on commissions today. Here’s one for rejamart! :) 

Day 2 of inktober! I’m going to make inktober a series that I’ve been meaning to do for a while: female videogame characters. So, here’s Jade from Beyond Good and Evil!

It’s midnight, I don’t want to do homework, so here’s day 1 of #inktober! Guess who I drew, haha…


xx-rosehasthorns-xx asked:

What do you do if you have at block and can't think of anything to draw



Most of the time I just draw this girl: 

and things happen, but my professor (the incredibly awesome John Hendrix) this semester had us compile a list of "100 Things That You Love to Draw." I’ve got things like pigeons, chickens, fat dragons, people in crewneck sweaters, Tifa, ocean waves, hightop sneakers, Tifa, bears, skirts, narwhals, sunny-side up eggs, and rice bowls on my list. It can be anything you like, and it doesn’t even have to be 100! Having that list is really handy because you definitely know that you like to draw certain things, but it’s even more satisfying when it’s concrete in a list. 

Observational Drawings are also helpful. When I have art blocks sometimes I just it in my room and draw things. 

Life Comics — there’s always something happening, and there’s always a way for you to make it interesting! Sometimes i’ll draw myself very angry and upset and stressed out b/c I can’t think of things. 

Fanart — well. pretty self explanatory. But it also extends to drawing your friends’ characters too! 

Reference Images —you’ve probably saved a lot of images from the internet over time. Flip through them and just see which compositions, colors, lineart style or whatever strike you and go for it! 

Copying — trace some stills from movies you like, or concept art. It’s really just a way to get your drawing hand going, but copying is also helpful for studies! (obviously don’t post them as your work haha) 

BUT MOST OF ALL, JUST DRAW!! Sometimes you’ve got to draw through your blocks and shake out the terrible drawings in order to get to the good ones. Draw on sticky notes or copy paper or in dirt! Doodle on your notes, on your friend’s essays, on your leg. You’ll find parts of your drawings that you’ll enjoy and can inform your work. :) 

Sketchbook Dump #1 

I’m taking a sketchbook class this semester and it’s been tons of fun. We get some prompts here and there, but the main prompt is “DRAW!!!”.

I finally got around to scanning some spreads (this sketchbook is huge) that I liked! there was a 40-heads assignment, watch a movie assignment, and the others are just random ones that i’ve done here and there. (this is why i’ve been struggling to get to the digital commissions…) 

I use a fun thing called HabitRPG, which treats your to-do list sort of like a game! You gain experience for continually completing habits and checking things off on your to-do list. It’s basically become my planner! 

Right now there’s a Back-To-School Advice Challenge going on, so I’m making a little post about how I use it for school. I like to use the checklists so I can go through a step-by-step process for my assignments. You can also put in due dates and make little notes too. HabitRPG is also awesome for groceries. So many experience points! My friend asked me how I got to such a high level and I told her I just use it…a LOT. Haha. Happy HabitRPGing! 


Hey Y’all!

To celebrate my hitting 50 followers on my blog, I wanna give a little back! So I’m doing a FREE CARICATURE GIVEAWAY for all y’all lovely people!

Here’s tha Rules:

  • You must be following this blog to win!
  • 1 Like and 1 Reblog count for a max of 2 entries per person! (giveaway blogs will not be eligible to win)
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  • The contest entry period ends at 11:59 pm on October 1st, after that I’ll be picking the winners
  • You must have your ask box open to be selected as a winner!
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If you win!…

  • You will need to email me with one or multiple pictures of yourself for me to use as reference! I’ll share my email address with you in an ask to let you know if you’ve won. (I’ll also be sending you the finished caricature through email.)
  • You can also get a caricature of someone else! Just provide me with reference(s) if they aren’t a famous person I can find images of online.
  • The image is 8.5”x11”, 300 dpi — Perfect to print/frame/treasure forever…

…And that’s it! Thank you all for following, and good luck! I’m so excited to keep sharing my art with y’all! 


my bud brandon is a cool dude and his caricatures are great. also check out his stuff!! :D 

ugh. it’s been so long since i’ve been able to really do stuff digitally, so this little warmup felt good. my queen, tifa, as usual. (warmups are just an excuse to draw fanart, ha) 

a little lady knight for an assignment. defs the one i enjoyed the most out the set that i had to do! 


have i mentioned how much i love this show

chgreenblatt pls be my friend