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wait, did you like watch the American version of cardcaptor sakura? cus that's not how syaoran says i like you to sakura ...


nope! defs not. I grew up watching the original Japanese version with subs + I read the manga first. My silly board is super loosely based off of how he does it in the manga (: 

painting of one of my characters, sophia. and yes, that’s a water…sword. sword with a water whip. something like that. 

silly board of my two favorites, syaoran and sakura. ‘s more of a shot practice; i don’t think syaoran would ever deliberately spray sakura with a water spell. ever. 

and yes, if that’s unclear (which would be bad) that’s tomoyo pro creepin’ in the bushes. 

annd my favorite part of the overall sculpture—the dragon! it’s weird, because sculpting daenerys was the hardest thing, but drawing her felt like a breeze; sculpting this little dragon was a total joyride, but I tried drawing it and it felt like my hands melted into a pile of goop. 

His name from now on will be Puppy. :3 

Shamefully…I’ve only watched three episodes of Game of Thrones before getting totally derailed by a rewatch of all Cardcaptor Sakura episodes (which I don’t regret). But I wanted to tackle a design of her because 1) she’s a badass lady  2) DRAGONS!! 

So, included are some sketches, a sculpted model, and a final painted version (2D) because the shape of her dress was incredibly difficult at the size I sculpted the figure at, lol. 

The interesting thing about her is the combination of sort of meek, graceful compassion as well as a certain level of fierceness. I tried to capture some of these elements in this design. Daenerys in my depiction is at a later point in her life—sort of a hypothesized future of sorts, where she’s potentially closer to the throne, has a slightly more stable life thus more put together, and is more truly a “Mother of Dragons,” as well as becoming a “Dragon,” herself. 

I’ve always really liked Meilin. She was strong-willed, full of energy, knew what she wanted, and was also a badass (that sequence where she punched down all the flying stone penguins was way too cool). 

just practicing boarding some of my favorite moments from cardcaptor sakura (aka the hopelessly and adorably romantic parts)

THANKYOUU everyone for the 1000+!! I can’t believe I even hit this number. Though it’s been a while since I’ve been hanging around on tumblr! I’ve exposed my progress, lol. I hope that if any legit person browses through my blog, they never go past like page 10. ha. 

but seriously, thank you guys :’3 (and yes that sweatshirt is real)

sketches for one of my characters c: 


some of my own recent work in linocut


ermgahhhh :’D

I was super fortunate to get interviewed by the cool online magazine, Creative Fluff. Fred McCoy’s a great guy, and if you get the chance check out the site! There’s some pretty great stuff there. I’m honored to have been a part of it!! 

two illustrations i did for our political review magazine. had some fun with these, because, college squirrels.